About Us

American Parts & Services of Florida, Inc (APASOF), a distinguished family-owned company with a rich history in the industry. Established in 2007 by Daniel Romero-Suarez, APASOF has evolved into a trusted name in the realm of heavy construction equipment.


Our journey began as a humble venture, specializing in the supply of spare parts and offering expert guidance in the acquisition of heavy construction machinery. Founded by Daniel Romero-Suarez, a visionary entrepreneur, along with his wife and first child, APASOF has its roots in the familial traditions associated with generators, parts, heavy equipment, and the spirit of entrepreneurship.

In 2006, the Romero family embarked on a new chapter, making Doral, FL, their home after relocating from their native Venezuela. This relocation not only marked a geographical shift but also brought forth a wealth of experience derived from their involvement in previous roles related to family traditions. These traditions, deeply rooted in the realms of generators, parts, heavy equipment, and entrepreneurship, have shaped the ethos of APASOF.


In recognition of his exceptional leadership, Daniel Romero-Suarez was awarded one of the Emerging Leaders in Miami in 2014. This acknowledgment reflects his dedication and contribution to the industry, further solidifying APASOF’s commitment to excellence.


At APASOF, we pride ourselves on being one of the few independent dealers in South Florida with in-house experience in Sales, Service, and manufacturing. Our team, boasting over 60 years of combined expertise, is dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions for your heavy construction equipment needs. Additionally, we have an operational Online Store of Heavy Equipment Parts (APARTS), making it convenient for you to access the components you require with ease.


Join us on our journey as we remain committed to excellence, backed by a qualified team and a fully operational Online Store. At APASOF, we’re not just a company; we’re a family committed to empowering your power needs through top-notch service, sales, and a reliable source for heavy equipment parts.


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