Yanmar develops 1.6 litre and a pair of.1 litre industrial diesel engines

Along with complying with strict emission laws, the brand new engine is compact, permitting it to simply be fitted to clients’ equipment and has decrease gasoline consumption and noise.

Yanmar has added a clear, high-powered new fashions to its present line-up of vertical water-cooled diesel engines for industrial use and can proceed to supply energy sources for industrial equipment that meet clients’ necessities.

Excessive energy density

To extend energy output, a brand new turbocharger matching design has been carried out, together with greater power in numerous engine elements. Because of this, 3TN86CHT and 4TN86CHT have 20 % and 14 % extra energy output, respectively, than TNV fashions of the identical displacement with intercooled turbo within the present line-up.

Compact engine configuration

The compact define of the engine was designed in consideration of engine bay dimensions, making it simpler for purchasers to put in it on their work tools. As well as, rising the output of the exhaust gasoline after-treatment system with out making it bigger contributes to improved operator’s visibility and luxury.

Proprietary exhaust gasoline after-treatment system

The brand new engine is provided with a proprietary DPF system for capturing PM. This method, which has been effectively obtained available in the market, retains operators working at excessive altitudes and at low temperatures, and underneath all work circumstances, from gentle to heavy hundreds. As well as, the DPF cleansing service has an extended interval of 6,000 hours.

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