When a person, in a high operations business, has heavy machinery that breaks down it can add up to considerable cost. Being able to obtain heavy equipment parts that are of high quality and very reliable are extremely important to reduce this cost. Having contact with a company that has a large inventory of parts is always an advantage in obtaining things in a hurry.

Choosing the right heavy equipment brands is important if one is to have a reliable and long-life product. This is important as it eliminates the need to constantly make replacements in the middle of busy activities, which can be very costly in labor and other costs. Many companies are running on a very close budget or bid and cannot afford constant breakdowns.
Places such as American Parts and Services of Florida have a large parts inventory as well as fast service in getting the needed part to the client. In addition, there is customer support which is a plus concerning replacement parts that are needed in a hurry. A plus is that there is a guarantee on all sales.

Heavy equipment is geared for undergoing heavy use, however there are always some parts that receive more use than others. Constant pressure or movement in a part will, eventually cause it to break or crack. Unfortunately, if there is not a spare part on hand, this brings the entire unit, and sometimes a production line, to a complete halt.
Having a reliable company to contact that will immediately provide the replacement and have it in the mail the same day, overnight if necessary, allows the heavy machinery owner to make repairs, usually within 48 hours, and be in operation again. This is especially important if the heavy equipment involved is on a project that has a time-line when the job must be completed. It makes sense to be able to contact such a company and know that they are reliable and will act immediately on any request.

Heavy equipment parts come in many shapes and sizes as well as performing many different actions in the machine’s operation. One never knows exactly which of these many parts is going to need to be replaced immediately. Being in contact with a company that has a large inventory of parts and specific brands, such as American Parts and Services of Florida, makes it very simple to be back in operation very quickly.

Mission Statement:

As providers of new and used construction and heavy machinery, trucks, attachments and parts, we been around long enough to fully understand that having the right equipment when you need it is paramount to the success of your project. Being Miami’s only Independent dealer of heavy equipment and parts, operating across both wholesale and retail, our mission is to be the best one stop supplier in the eyes of our customers regardless of the size and inclinations of our competitors. We have made a commitment to bringing solutions for the industrial world since 2007 and from that pledge we will not waiver.

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Our vision is to become the worlds most successful and most revered provider of heavy equipment and parts not only by deed, but also by way of reliability, integrity, and service.

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