SilverbackHD Wheel Kits: Intentional Engineering® for Better Braking

The benefits of SilverbackHD Intentional Engineering® become obvious to Fleet Managers and Maintenance technicians when they use our SilverbackHD wheel kits.

Every wheel kit is engineered and manufactured to include:

• OE grade Ceramic Balanced Formulation (CBF) frictions
• OE-grade SilverbackHD Geometric new-lined brake shoes
• OE-grade SilverbackHD Geometric Series brake hardware kits

Ceramic Balanced Formulation Frictions: Available in 20K, 23K and 23KHTP for high temperature performance, SilverbackHD frictions use proprietary ceramic-based formulations to effectively dissipate heat and lower wheel end temperatures, while increasing torque and shortening stop distances. These denser, positive-molded frictions also produce less wear, which results in lower cost per mile for the fleet.

SilverbackHD GeoMetric New Lined Brake Shoes: SilverbackHD wheel kits are packaged with our trademark GeoMetric® new-lined brake shoes. Designed and engineered with thicker steel in the tables, heat-treated anchor and cam ends, and bi-directional torsionally reinforced welding, the SilverbackHD Geometric® is the perfect foundation brake to ensure brake geometry that maximizes braking, and minimizes heat load. And every SilverbackHD GeoMetric® brake shoe is electro-deposition coated with our proprietary Geo-plus coating process for a lifetime rustjack warranty!!!

SilverbackHD GeoMetric Series Brake Hardware Kits: To maintain brake geometry and ensure all brake functions properly continue for the life of the brake, SilverbackHD engineered the GeoMetric Series Brake Hardware line. This line of hardware products uses SilverbackHD’s proprietary Intentional Engineering® process to maximize return spring life by double the service cycle testing, and increasing tensile strength by over 50%. Heat treating the cam rollers to harmonize with S-cam head heat-treat standards and brake shoe heat-treat standards is just another way we minimize fleet maintenance while promoting brake life. Some of the other benefits of our OE-grade GeoMetric Series kits include: corrosion resistant zinc dichromate plating and powder coating on all springs.

SilverbackHD wheel kits with Intentional Engineering® have become the preferred choice of Fleet Managers looking for quality and consistency.

So when you need better braking, safer stopping and a lower cost per mile, choose SilverbackHD, because at SilverbackHD Products “HD” means “Heavier Duty.”