Self-propelled, pneumatic barrier wall drill from Minnich to debut at World of Concrete

Minnich Manufacturing will introduce the new Single Gang Barrier Wall Drill at World of Concrete 2024. The new tool is a self-propelled pneumatic drill designed for optimized efficiency and safety while securing concrete barrier walls. It can drill a single hole faster and more precisely than multiple gang options.

Minnich says the Single Gang Barrier Wall Drill eliminates time taken to make manual adjustments and align multiple drill hole measurements. There’s no need to line up drill holes – instead, users align the drill steel through a pre-molded opening in the barrier wall, penetrate the sub-base, drop in the steel pin anchor, and move to the next securing point.

Road construction projects and patching that requires concrete barrier wall protection are examples of good use cases for the Single Gang Barrier Wall Drill.

The unit’s 8.5-foot by 6.5-foot frame sits on a 9-foot flatbed trailer for easy transportation. A backhoe or compact excavator can lift the 1,630-pound drill onto a concrete barrier wall

An air-powered motor propels the equipment along the barrier wall. A tethered handheld remote enables operator control at a safe distance from the machine. Safety is enhanced with an optional dust collection system that removes dust from the job site to protect operators.

The Single Gang Barrier Wall Drill reaches a maximum drill depth of 18 to 36 inches, with a drill steel shank of 1 inch by 4.25 inches and a drill bit diameter of 1 to 2.5 inches. It requires 140 scfm and 120 psi of pneumatic power.

Minnich also offers a three-gang barrier wall drill that allows simultaneous drilling of up to three pin holes simultaneously.

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