SilverbackHD Rotors Intentional Engineering®

To Avoid Warping, Maintain Quiet Braking SilverbackHD introduces its Series of disc brake rotors for medium and heavy duty trucks and school buses.

Engineered as a complement to the SilverbackHD QuietRide ceramic-enhanced disc pads, these brake rotors are manufactured with high density ASTM 3000b grey iron to prevent warpage and effectively dissipate heat.

While inferior rotors have been manufactured with grey iron contents as low as 2000 (20,000 pounds per square inch of tensile strength), the 3000 grey iron provides almost double the tensile strength.

This means the denser iron in the rotors can more efficiently dissipate heat away from the wheel end, which avoids warping the rotor, or glazing the disc pads and causing squealing.

Higher grey iron contents have also shown substantially longer life in rotor life and promotes longer friction life due to less heat buildup in the wheel end.

So when your fleet needs a rotor that is built for durability ask for SilverbackHD parts because at SilverbackHD Products “HD” means “Heavier Duty.”