Specifications for Heavy Road Construction Equipment

The significance of meticulously engineered road construction equipment is recognized by the workforce, manufacturers and dealers in the construction sector. With a vast spectrum of options in construction machinery provided by road construction equipment manufacturers, there are several types to choose when performing specific tasks. It is important to become acquainted with the current information of these construction equipment products.

Miami Asphalt Boiler for Sale: The Asphalt Boiler is particularly significant among road construction equipment and functions in jointing asphalt, roofing, and setting.

Miami Bitumen Sprayer for Sale: This handy machine utilized in road making, designed to tack coating and dressing works. The well insulated bitumen sprayer is constructed of a premium metal tank. Offered in a selection of varying capacities to suit diverse needs, this equipment’s standard capacity is 2.5 tons.

Miami Bulldozer for Sale: Of all the vital pieces of equipment in the construction sector, the bulldozer ranks at the top.  Long-standing, grand structures and buildings are flattened in just hours with the bulldozer.  Numerous styles and capacities of bulldozers are produced by road making machine manufactures. 30,000 pounds is the standard weight for these machines. The bulldozer aids productivity and meets the challenge for transporting heavyweight loads from site to site.

Miami Crawler Loader for Sale:  Leveling all types of difficult terrain, whether muddy or rocky, is the specialty of the crawler loader, which is extensively needed in a variety of construction tasks. The crawler loader weighs between 30,000 to up to 50,000 pounds and a bucket is affixed to its frame. The static tip load of the breakout force weight ranges from 24,000 to 30,000 pounds and the high power of the engine runs up to 170 horsepower.

Miami Wheel Loader for Sale: Wheel loaders are popular choices when a job demands by-products and cargo to be loaded at construction locations. These durable machines have the ability to move loads weighing 9,686 pounds and can generate up to 53 kilowatts.

An abundant variety of road making equipment is available from Apasof in Miami.  With so many choices in road construction equipment in the market, consumers must be well-informed with detailed facts and purposes for these machines. This will enable them to purchase the most suitable machine to suit their specific needs.