How Giatec is lowering concrete’s carbon footprint with AI-powered software program

Giatec has introduced a method primarily based on a brand new synthetic intelligence (AI) instrument to chop no less than 400 million tons yearly of GHG emissions, the equal of taking 110 million vehicles off the street. 

Yearly, 20 billion tons (10 billion cubic yards) of concrete is produced globally, making it the primary product created by people. This interprets to roughly 2 billion tons of GHG emissions. 

Giatec believes its technique can cut back CO2 emissions by as much as 20 % by getting the very conservative building trade to simply accept new methods to design concrete mixes. After three years and nicely over $3 million in analysis efforts, Giatec launched SmartMix, the world’s first web-based AI program that applies hundreds of thousands of knowledge factors worldwide. 

The info comes from embedded wi-fi sensors developed by Giatec. SmartMix analyzes all of the variables for a venture’s specs and creates the perfect combine to cut back cement use and nonetheless meet efficiency expectations. 

Cement is the “glue” that holds collectively the substances of concrete. Almost a pound of CO2 is produced for each pound of cement made. That accounts for about 8 % of world GHG emissions.

Pouria Ghods, Giatec co-founder and CEO says, “Our mandate and our imaginative and prescient are that inside three to 5 years we’ll considerably cut back the carbon footprint of concrete. We’re already seeing these adjustments with SmartMix. A current venture saved an extra 15,000 kilos of cement, that is 12,000 kilos of CO2, on a 1,000 cubic yard pour, because of our AI program.”  

The corporate’s technique is laid out by Aali Alizadeh, co-founder and CTO of Giatec, “Our objective is to revolutionize the concrete trade. Our huge database with hundreds of thousands of knowledge factors permits SmartMix to make correct choices, optimizing prices and the environmental affect of concrete.” 

Giatec is engaged on the following:

  • Extending the SmartMix AI program that calculates the perfect quantity of cement and chemical components for any combine specs and reduces CO2 emissions;
  • Innovating good sensors which offer decision-making knowledge, digitalizing the trade to assist save time, cash, and tons of concrete waste;
  • Mobilizing the brightest minds in sustainable building at Giatec’s annual Web Zero Building Convention;
  • Educating the trade with an ever-growing useful resource library aimed toward educating superior concrete strategies;
  • Planting one tree for each product order shipped worldwide to offset the affect of GHG emissions.

There will likely be an anticipated surge in concrete manufacturing over the following few years as post-COVID restoration plans happen together with new infrastructure work. Giatec believes now’s the time to start out making adjustments that cut back GHG emissions of concrete manufacturing.

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