SilverbackHD: The ONLY Manufacturer of Ceramic Balanced Formulation® Frictions

SilverbackHD Ceramic Balanced Formulation (CBF) line of heavy duty and severe duty frictions have been depended on by fleets throughout North America for more than six years.

SilverbackHD engineers have produced a Ceramic Balanced Formulation that provides the benefits of:

• Cooler Wheel Ends
• Shorter Stopping Distances
• Longer Friction and Drum Life

Cooler Wheel Ends: Unlike conventional frictions made with metallic additives like steel wool, brass, nickel or other metal components, SilverbackHD CMF uses ceramic fiber to better dissipate heat and reduce wheel end temperature. This reduced wheel temperature means less fade.

Better Stopping Distance: The effect of less fade, coupled with ingredients that promote greater torque, means SilverbackHD Ceramic Balanced Formulation frictions have improved stopping distances. Depending on the friction grade, SilverbackHD provides up to 20% to 30% shorter stopping distance.

Longer Friction and Drum Life: Cooler operating temperatures and less fade means SilverbackHD CBF frictions last longer. Our independent FMVSS121 testing shows that SilverbackHD wears only one-fifth of the friction burned by competitive semi-metallic frictions. And drum life is increased by 20% to 50%, depending on SilverbackHD‘s friction grade. This means lower cost per mile for your fleet!!

From light load over-the-road hauling, to school bus transportation, to severe loads like waste hauling or cement mixing, SilverbackHD has a friction to meet virtually all fleet needs.

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