FPT Industrial leads mission for different gas for heavy obligation engines

Being extra sustainable is among the strategic aims that FPT Industrial is aiming for. To fulfill European CO2 emission targets in 2025 and 2030, the use of different fuels and e-fuels is important. Due to this, FPT is now creating a method to make use of DME (Dimethyl-ether).

Appropriate gas for compression ignition engines and produced from a number of renewable sources, its chemical properties enable for very low NOx and particle emissions, while sustaining excessive engine effectivity. There are, nevertheless, some challenges in the usage of DME as a gas, notably by way of the gas injection tools. 

DME has been industrially used for many years, primarily as a propellant in aerosol cans as it’s non poisonous and odourless. From a storage and refuelling perspective, DME is like LPG. It’s liquid at very reasonable stress ranges.

The general objective of the mission is to advance the understanding of utilizing DME as an alternative choice to diesel within the industrial items sector and display clear combustion at comparable effectivity ranges. Since DME combustion produces virtually no particle emissions, a comparably easy SCR system with out the necessity for a particle filter could also be sufficient to adjust to strict emission requirements.

Experimental knowledge is exhibiting promising outcomes by way of CO2 discount, together with very low NOx and particle emissions, along with comparable engine effectivity to diesel.

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