ECA brings better drilling depths to U.S. and Canada

Equipment Corporation of America (ECA) is bringing the BAUER MC 96 Obligation-Cycle crane paired with hanging Berminghammer lead meeting to North America. Clients can now obtain drilling depths of as much as 150 ft (45 metres). 

When geared up with the 138-foot-long (42-metre) Berminghammer lead, BAUER’s 130-ton duty-cycle crane can attain depths of as much as 150 ft (45 metres).

The specifically tailored MC 96 mast geometry permits an operator to drill in single-pass mode utilizing the entire mast size. Because of this the 750-millimetre auger can obtain a depth of 115 ft (35 metres) in a totally steady drilling course of. It’s also attainable to connect a Kelly extension to drill down an extra 33 ft (10 metres).  

This personalized rig represents a partnership between two of the world’s main producers of basis gear. Berminghammer and BAUER Maschinen collaborated to develop this particular lead setup particularly for the MC 96 sequence of duty-cycle cranes in 2020.  

BAUER and Berminghammer additionally developed particular joint kinematics to permit the lead itself to be rigged simply and shortly. No further modifications are required to attach the Berminghammer result in any MC duty-cycle crane.

Along with the newest drilling options corresponding to drill or pull help, the MC 96 makes use of a typical BAUER KDK 280S rotary head, which is powered by the onboard Caterpillar C18 engine. Because of this no further energy pack is required, which reduces noise ranges and working prices. 

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