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SilverbackHD 35K Brake Drums

SilverbackHD 35K™ heavy duty brake drums are made to OEM standard 3500 grey iron, and state-of-the-art computer aided mill balancing for improved performance. This 3500 grey iron has a tensile strength of 35,000 psi, yielding denser iron to dissipate wheel end heat buildup and enhance braking performance.

Drums made to aftermarket standards, are manufactured with a porous 2,000 grey iron (with a tensile strength of only 20,000 psi) that retains heat due to a high content of micro-air pockets in the iron. This lower quality makes drums susceptible to fatigue, excessive wear and thermal shock.

The SilverbackHD 35K™ is engineered and manufactured with OEM-specified 3,500 grey iron to provide excellent torque in braking as shown in the Drum Effectiveness chart below. This exceptional 
performance was noted as the SilverbackHD 35K passed FMVSS certification.