Doosan’s largest excavator now available for sale

The DX800LC-7 excavator, built with jobs such as aggregate and mining as well as heavy construction and infrastructure in mind, has an operating weight of 181,000 pounds and generates 539 horsepower. It can dig up to 27 feet, 10 inches deep and has a maximum reach of 42 feet, 9 inches. Bucket breakout force is 70,107 lb.-ft., and arm breakout force is 63,714 lb.-ft.

Its unique double-boom foot design improves stress distribution to reduce single-side wear and maintain machine uptime. The design allows customers to more easily assemble or disassemble the boom for transport. Three excavator arm options are available – standard, long arm and mass-excavation. Owners can match the machine to the job, reducing wasted power.

Doosan’s D-ECOPOWER system adds productivity while reducing fuel use. Hydraulic oil flow is precisely controlled and optimizes available horsepower.

Read more about the DX800LC-7 introduction and how Doosan has targeted the aggregates and mining sector with its large machine updates.

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