Does a tough hat have an expiration date?

Technically talking, the reply isn’t any. 

That mentioned, most producers have suggestions on helmet and suspension lifespans. MSA laborious hat shells ought to be used not than 5 years, whereas suspensions ought to be changed after 12 months. Each are the utmost timeframe for alternative, calculated from date of first use. The date of manufacture is stamped or molded onto the laborious hat shell, normally on the underside of the brim. Equally, the suspension will likely be marked with the month and yr of manufacture, together with the scarf dimension. 

Relying on the setting, software and use, the shell may want changed as usually as each two years. Some seen indicators of laborious hat injury, equivalent to cracks, dents, or holes, are straightforward to see and are apparent causes to take away the laborious hat from service. However even scores or scuffs on the floor may sign that it is time to retire it. Dents from impacts stress the laborious hat materials, inflicting weak spots that aren’t acceptable. Scuffs or scores additionally weaken it by scaling down the shell. 

If the suspension straps are frayed or ripped, or have broken stitching, take away the webbing instantly and exchange it with a brand new suspension meeting. Examine the plastic attachment clips to ensure they are not weakened or damaged as effectively.

When changing the suspension use solely these made by the unique producer particularly for that mannequin and dimension. Arduous hats are examined and licensed with the producer suspension put in and permitted as a system.Incorrect elements and equipment or these made out of some other supply render the certification null and void. Moreover, an incorrect headband and net might scale back or eradicate the quantity of influence safety. The influence area won’t be ample.

Correct care and use of laborious hats

  • Examine the laborious had frequently. You should definitely do fast inspections all through the workday.
  • Cleansing the scarf and webbing in a light cleaning soap and water resolution will assist to eradicate the buildup of oil and contaminates.
  • Some paints will assault and injury the shell supplies. This reduces the diploma of safety the laborious hat supplies. 
  • Some decals could also be used so long as they are not metallic, the adhesives aren’t damaging to the shell’s composition and are positioned no nearer than 1/2″ from the helmets edge.

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