SilverbackHD Quiet Ride Ceramic-Enhanced Hydraulic Disc Pads Virtually “Noiseless” Medium Duty Brakes

SilverbackHD’s Quiet Ride hydraulic disc pads are the answer to fleet managers looking for the quietest hydraulic Medium duty disc pad on the market. Our positive-molded, ceramic-enhanced formulations registered only two readings out of 1,430 stops in an SAE J2521 Noise Test. That makes them statistically noiseless!!

But the dry formulated, positive-molded process has other benefits for the fleet manager as well. Positive molding SilverbackHD Quiet Ride brake pads are built with the same technology that ensures longer life and better torquing in our time-tested line of heavy duty frictions.

High-pressure custom molding of each and every pad means it is formed to denser standards, and delivers optimum braking.

Each backing plate is also engineered to exacting FMSI specifications, and then electro-deposition coated for superior rust protection. And the final assembly of the brake pad is completed in the molding process. Unlike other pads that are applied to the backing plate after the pad has been pressed and cured, SilverbackHD Quiet Rides are pressure molded into the backing plate as they are being processed and cured in the single-step process.

It is this precision control and engineering that makes SilverbackHD withstand the harshest road conditions with the best results. Because at SilverbackHD Products, HD means “Heavier Duty.”