Colorbiotics’ rejuvenator improves recyclability of asphalt, extends service life

Colorbiotics has launched Invigorate rejuvenator to extend using recycled asphalt and prolong asphalt service life.

Invigorate rejuvenator is a soybean oil-derived additive that triggers chemical reactions inside recycled asphalt pavement (RAP) and stiff binders to interrupt down asphaltene aggregation and reverse the consequences of oxidation within the last combine. Whereas different rejuvenators provide a superficial change to the viscosity of the binder, the Invigorate additive improves the chemical properties of lower-quality binders, addressing aged components inside RAP. This new expertise, developed at Iowa State College, improves recyclability of asphalt whereas nonetheless assembly PG and performance-testing specs.

InvigorateTM rejuvenator being utilized in a current freeway pavement venture close to Mason Metropolis, Iowa.

“With Invigorate rejuvenator, we have now been capable of meet specs and improve usable RAP materials to as a lot as 50%, effectively past the usual 20 to 25% used at this time,” mentioned Dan Staebell, Colorbiotics asphalt enterprise growth supervisor. “That clearly has environmental and financial advantages.”

The security-tested and patented Invigorate additive advantages are reaching past preliminary manufacturing and development.

“We’ve got recognized that when utilizing excessive percentages of RAP, Invigorate rejuvenator makes the asphalt extra versatile whereas sustaining its sturdiness and rut resistance,” Staebell mentioned. “That’s definitely necessary for large local weather swings in our northern states and fatigue resistance in southern states.”

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