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SilverbackHD GeoMetric Cam Repair Kits: Tightest Tolerances in the Industry

Balanced braking, even friction wear, and proper brake geometry all stem from the proper actuation of the S-Cam. Without proper tolerances in the S-Cam repair kit, fleet brake performance suffers on a mile by mile basis.

That’s why SilverbackHD engineers carefully audited every component of every SilverbackHD GeoMetric S-Cam Repair Kit to ensure it is engineered to the tightest tolerances in the industry.

Built with SilverbackHD’s Intentional Engineering®, each component was sourced with only top-grade materials for bushings, pins, o-rings and cam tubes, and were selected for durability, longevity and the ability to maintain tolerances under extreme hot and cold temperatures.

From tool grade steel to bronze to polyester, SilverbackHD bushings will deliver a tolerance that is up to .050″ tighter than competing hardware kits. This commitment to quality is found in every component of every S-Cam Repair Kit so that it matches the Intentional Engineering® standards of SilverbackHD GeoMetric Series S-Cams.

So when you need the tightest tolerances in the industry for S-Cams and S-Cam Repair Kits, ask for SilverbackHD parts, because at SilverbackHD Products “HD” means “Heavier Duty.”