2000 Cat XQ 750 Containerized Power Van for Sale – Caterpillar Generator (IronPlanet Europe)

Power Van: 2000 Cat XQ 750 Containerized Power Van for Sale – Caterpillar Generator (IronPlanet Europe)

What is a Power Van?

Definition of a Power Van

A power van is a self-contained unit that houses a generator set, typically powered by diesel, used to provide electrical power in various settings. These versatile units are also known as containerized power vans due to their enclosed design that houses all generator components, such as the engine, voltage regulator, breaker, and enclosure, in a single container for easy transport and deployment.

Benefits of Using a Power Van

Power vans offer numerous advantages, including portability, sound attenuation for noise reduction, and enhanced security with their enclosed design. They are commonly used in situations where mobile power generation is required, such as construction sites, events, and emergency backup power scenarios.

Features of a Power Van

Key features of a power van can include a sound-attenuated enclosure for noise reduction, a diesel generator set like the Cat XQ 750, voltage regulation systems, and breakers to control power distribution within the unit.

How does the Cat XQ 750 Containerized Power Van Work?

Overview of Cat XQ 750 Containerized Power Van

The Cat XQ 750 is a powerful diesel generator manufactured by Caterpillar, a renowned brand in the industry known for its reliable generators. This containerized power van houses a Cat C18 engine that delivers up to 850 kW of power output at 60 Hz, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

Technical Specifications of Cat XQ 750

The Cat XQ 750 features sound-attenuated enclosures for noise reduction, a voltage regulator for stable power supply, and breakers for distribution control. With a Caterpillar SR4B generator and a 3412C diesel engine, the XQ 750 offers efficient power generation with low emissions, meeting stringent environmental standards.

Usage Applications of Cat XQ 750

The Cat XQ 750 is commonly used as a mobile generator for various industries, including construction, events, telecommunications, and emergency power backup. Its versatility, reliability, and high power output make it a popular choice for demanding applications.

Why Consider Buying a Cat XQ 750 Containerized Power Van?

Advantages of Cat XQ 750 Compared to Other Generators

The Cat XQ 750 stands out due to its robust construction, reliable Caterpillar engine, and advanced features like sound attenuation, making it a preferred choice over other diesel generators in the market.

Cost-Effective Aspects of Purchasing a Cat XQ 750

Despite its high power output and advanced features, the Cat XQ 750 offers cost-effective operation and maintenance, providing excellent value for its performance and durability. Additionally, financing options may be available through authorized Caterpillar dealers, making it more accessible to potential buyers.

Long-Term Durability of Cat XQ 750

The Cat XQ 750 is built to last, with durable components and a solid construction that ensures long-term reliability. Investing in a Cat XQ 750 containerized power van guarantees years of uninterrupted power supply for various applications, making it a wise choice for businesses and organizations.

Where to Find a Dealer for Cat XQ 750 Containerized Power Van?

Authorized Caterpillar Dealers for Cat XQ 750

To purchase a Cat XQ 750 containerized power van, it is essential to contact authorized Caterpillar dealers who specialize in Caterpillar generators and power equipment. These dealers offer expertise, genuine products, and comprehensive support to ensure a smooth buying process.

Locating Reputable Dealers Selling Cat XQ 750

Reputable dealers selling Cat XQ 750 units can be found through official Caterpillar channels, online marketplaces like IronPlanet Europe, or industry-specific trade shows and events. It is important to research and choose a dealer with a solid reputation and a track record of customer satisfaction.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Dealer for Cat XQ 750

When selecting a dealer for a Cat XQ 750 containerized power van, factors such as dealer reputation, after-sales support, financing options, and warranty coverage should be taken into account. Choosing the right dealer ensures a positive buying experience and ongoing service for your power generation needs.

Is Rebuilding a Cat XQ 750 Containerized Power Van a Good Idea?

Pros and Cons of Rebuilding a Cat XQ 750

Rebuilding a Cat XQ 750 can offer cost savings compared to purchasing a new unit, especially if the existing generator set is in good condition but requires refurbishment. However, rebuilding may involve downtime and uncertainties regarding the lifespan of rebuilt components.

Process of Rebuilding a Cat XQ 750

The rebuilding process typically involves disassembly, inspection, replacement of worn parts, testing, and reassembly of the Cat XQ 750 unit. Skilled technicians and access to genuine Caterpillar parts are essential for a successful rebuild that ensures optimal performance and reliability.

Cost Analysis of Rebuilding vs. Purchasing a New Cat XQ 750

Before deciding on rebuilding a Cat XQ 750, a detailed cost analysis must be conducted to compare the expenses of rebuilding with the cost of buying a new generator set. Factors such as labor, parts, downtime, and long-term maintenance should be considered to make an informed decision that aligns with budget and operational requirements.


Q: What is the Cat XQ 750 Containerized Power Van for Sale?

A: The Cat XQ 750 is a containerized power van for sale, featuring a Caterpillar generator. This unit is available on IronPlanet Europe.

Q: What type of generator is the Cat XQ 750?

A: The Cat XQ 750 is a diesel generator set powered by a Cat C18 engine.

Q: Can I apply to purchase the Cat XQ 750 online?

A: Yes, you can apply online for the Cat XQ 750 or any other mobile generator available for sale on IronPlanet Europe. Simply create an account to get started.

Q: What are the key features of the Cat XQ 750 Containerized Power Van?

A: The XQ 750 is a mobile diesel generator that is sound attenuated and comes with a Cat C18 engine. It is a reliable power solution for various applications.

Q: Is the Cat XQ 750 suitable for natural gas use?

A: No, the Cat XQ 750 is a diesel generator and is not designed to run on natural gas.

Q: How can I access important information about the Cat XQ 750 for sale?

A: You can find important details about the Cat XQ 750, such as its specs and condition, on the IronPlanet Europe item page. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

Q: When should I expect the Cat XQ 750 containerized power van to be delivered?

A: Delivery timelines for the Cat XQ 750 will vary based on your location and other factors. It is recommended to inquire within 7 days of the auction to confirm the estimated delivery schedule.

Q: Are inspections included in the purchase of the Cat XQ 750?

A: Inspections, including the connection pivot point wear inspections, are limited to the sound of the Cat XQ 750 generator. It is advised to conduct thorough inspections within 7 days of receiving the unit.

Q: Can I get assistance with the purchase of the Cat XQ 750 generator set?

A: Yes, the IronPlanet Europe team of 100 experts is available to assist you with any questions or concerns regarding the purchase of the Cat XQ 750 or other gensets. Connect with us for support.